How long is a portrait session?

The session takes about one and a half hours

Is hair and make-up styling included for a Headshot?

Hair and make-up styling is not included in a headshot session. We have hair and makeup available at our studio if required. Please contact us for prices.

What to wear to my headshot session?

Headshots are mainly head and shoulders. Your choice of clothes should underline what message you want your headshot to capture – corporate, actor, social media or company? Try and avoid white or black. Make sure the clothes you bring are crease free. Avoid clothes which are too tight! Only wear a minimum amount of jewellery unless really required.

What’s the difference between a headshot and a portrait?

The difference between a headshot and a portrait is that a head shot is an image of a person’s face. Its purpose is to identify the character in someone and to give the right impression to which area it is intended for, business, actor, social media, corporate, company. Good for PR and marketing. You are what the unique image is. The portrait is a more in-depth image portraying the story of the person. From head and shoulders to full length with a lighting set built to give a richness to the character and their story. Whether individual or family, everyone can have a unique image encapsulating this moment in their lives.